Sunday, September 13, 2009

Registry Problem Information

We are registered at both Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. No pressure, but some people might ask.

This post is to explain that Target is a little stupid. Some things on our registry no longer exist, are temporarily unavailable, or only in stores. I am sorry, they are generally wrong. Target online and Target stores are owned by different companies so...when it says that something is temporarily unavailable online, it MAY mean that it is definitely in stores...which it is. So, if you just send a gift card and write on it: "This is a set of Plates," we would understand that you disliked the website's stupidness and did your own thang. We support you. AND if it says it no longer exists, it may mean it is just in stores and you won't know what it is unless you print the registry AT a store, online has deleted it from view. Don't register at target unless you are okay with these gliches.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond is fine. Target stores are fine. But we understand you may not want to FLY with a present, but just ship online would be easier for most people.

This was a rant, not necessarily an important post. Thanks.

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