Friday, August 21, 2009

Photographer Info

We have decided to book Phillip at The Novo Studio, LLC in Rogers, AR. He is great, check out his site at if you ever need a photographer in that area. We have several family members who regularly use him there, so he came highly recommended.

He wanted all the guests to know that during the 'breakfast for Dinner," he would like you to use that time to ask him to take pictures of your various family groups or anyone else you'd like to have a picture taken with. Instead of him shooting all of us mid-bite or eating in general, he'd like you to feel comfortable and request some pictures--that way we have more of YOU!!! Use him, he's there!

**ALSO, for you picture-takers who carry your own camera:

Please be sure an send us all your wedding photos you snap as soon as you get home. Ryan and I want to have a pile of pictures to show in a slideshow at our LA Reception the week after the AR wedding, but we will not get any professional NovoStudio photos for a few weeks after that. So, as a favor to us, snap what you can and please send them to us on e-mail or facebook or whatever you use, so we can share those memories with our family and friends in LA!!! Thank you for your help.

We will also be using a few of the photobooth pictures, so have-at-it!

1 comment:

  1. Nice! I'm very excited to make your photographer take pictures of me :-) Hee hee.

    Also - I plan to bring my camera so I'll definitely give you anything worthy that I shoot. I promise they won't all be food close-ups!

    Can't wait until October!!