Friday, April 24, 2009

Airport information

We usually fly into XNA, (Springdale/Bentonville)Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. According to Yahoo maps, its about a 40 minute drive from the airport to The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Fayetteville. Its just a little ways north...but the closest you can fly now. *You may see a Fayetteville Mun. Airport on some website pages, but that Airport is no longer in use.

Another option is FSM, Fort Smith Regional Airport. Its about an hour south of Fayetteville, but still a good option.

A third option is LIT, Little Rock National Airport. It is 3 hours southwest of better be a good deal for the tickets for me to drive 3 hours after a long flight...

Also, you can try TUL, Tulsa International Airport in Oklahoma. Its around 2 hours east of Fayetteville...and in another state.

And our last suggestion is Branson Airport in Hollister, Missouri. 2 hours northwest of Fayetteville.

**Please email us if you have anymore questions regarding airports or if you cannot rent a car and need to plan a trip landing alongside other wedding travelers and need info on shuttling together.

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