Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dress

The Dress is very important for a lot of women...apparently so important that I bought it over ten years ago...

My mother and I frequented thrift stores like some people frequent their local coffee shop. I remember being quite young and shopping with my mother for...whatever costuming thing she was doing. I would often pick a piece of clothing or two that I wanted and she was great about letting me get really nice items. 

I saw this beautiful, old fashioned, slightly yellowing lace dress in the back room (where nice costumes usually were in thrift stores--so I camped out there most of the time). I told my mom that that was my wedding dress and I wanted it. Now my mother is awesome and she humored me. She payed the ridiculously large price of maybe $9.99 and gave it to me. I was thrilled. It didn't fit, I couldn't play with it...but I got it.

Years later I received beautiful dress covers from my mother and stored my 'wedding dress' in one. I have recently taken it out and tried it on while my mother was visiting after the engagement...and it fits!

I am definitely wearing it. I love it now. And I can ask for ludicrous things from Ry and say, "But at least we're saving money on a dress."

--Jennica Renee

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  1. i love this!! and i love you (both!) really, everything about this just makes me so happy.. especially the prospect of a breakfast bar, you know how i love food, and breakfast definitely falls into that category. also... OF COURSE you should be barefoot in the field! if there is one thing we share it is our disdain for having to wear shoes.. anyway, i'm really glad for the 2 of you and everything looks like it'll just be a joyous event and i think that is so great.. ok, perhaps i've gone on too long, its just that i'm unemployed and i have a lot of time on my hands these days ;) hope to see you soon!!